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2nd Jan 2023 Daily current Affairs

2nd Jan 2023 Daily current Affairs

1. Recently ‘Hasmukh Adhia’ has been appointed as the Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister of which state?
a.  Odisha
b. Maharashtra
c.  Gujarat
d.  Himachal Pradesh

2. Who has recently been honored with the Atal Samman Award?
a.    Gajendra Singh
b.   Prabhu Chandra Mishra
c.   Prateek Garg
d.   Arun Singh

3. Recently in which state India and ADB have signed MoU to improve urban services?
a.   Tamil Nadu  
b.   Kerala
c. Maharashtra
d..   Mizoram

4. Who has recently become the ‘CEO’ of Suryoday Small Finance Bank?
a.   Arun Singh
b.   Anil Kumar
c.   Prateek Garg
d.   Bhaskar Babu

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5. Recently the Ministry of Home Affairs has approved the renaming of two places in which state?
a.   Rajasthan
b.   Himachal Pradesh
c.   Uttar Pradesh
d.   Pakistan

6. Which country’s cricketer Farhan Behardeen has announced his retirement recently?
a.   Pakistan
b.   South Africa
c.   Afghanistan
d.  Rajasthan

7. Who has been appointed as the Engineer-in-Chief of the Army recently?
a.   Arvind Walia
b.   Sankalp Gupta
c.   Ganji Kamla Rao
d.   Prateek Garg

8. Recently Indian Bank has launched its flagship program ‘MSME Prerna’ in which state?
a. Odisha
b.   Haryana
c.   Maharashtra
d.   Rajasthan

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9. Recently in which country the government will open Indian mission?
a. Sudan
b.  Iceland
c.  Lithuania
d.  Pakistan

10. Recently, the ‘Jelliangrong United Front’ has signed a peace agreement with the Center and which state government?

a.   Assam
b.   Manipur
c.   Mizoram
d.   Odisha

11. Who has recently written a book titled ‘Forks in the Road: My days at RBI and beyond’?
a. C Rangarajan
b.   Raghuram Rajan
c.   Vimal Jalan
d.   Prateek Garg

12. Who has recently become the chairman of NHAI?
a.   Vinay Mishra
b.   Rajat Garg
c.  Prateek Garg
d.   Santosh Kumar Garg

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13. Recently NTPC has tied up with which country’s firm for the production of green methanol?
a.   Greece
b.   Spain
c.   Italy
d.  Sudan

14. Recently how many small railway stations will be renovated under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme?
a.   1500
b.   1000
c.   2000
d.   1700

15. Which country has recently renamed the annual award in honor of ‘Shane Warne’?
a.    Australia  
b.   England
c.   New Zealand
d.   Spain

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