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Daughter of Bandipora leads by example, writes the Quran-I-Qareem by hand in 6 months

Daughter of Bandipora leads by example, writes the Quran-I-Qareem by hand in 6 months

A daughter of Bandipora gave the example and made all of Kashmir proud when she wrote the Qur’an-I-Shareef in 6 months.

Studying in 11th class, Arbeen Tahir, daughter of Tariq Ahmad Parray hailing from the Hanjin area of Bandipora while talking with Kashmir Bulletin–(KB), said that Allamdullah I have written Quran-I-Shareef with my hand in just six months. “It was my dream from childhood to write Quran Shareef by hand, and before doing it, I have also tried to write calligraphy and before writing complete Quran Shareef, I tried to write some pages of It.”

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“After I got my hands and skills ready to write, I started writing the Qur’an-I-Shareef and Allamdullah, I finished writing the complete Qur’an-I-Shareef in six months,” she said.

“I wrote the Qur’an-I-Shareef over nine hundred full pages, and my family supported me wholeheartedly in the procedure. I would like to thank my cousin, Dr. Seerat Wani, and my professor, Adil Rehman. Both helped me and strengthened my moral compass,” Arbeen said.

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“My message to girls is to show people what a girl can do. Don’t feel you are looser. In today’s time both girls and boys are equal,” she said. Kashmir Bulletin–

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