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5th Dec 2023 Daily Current Affairs

5th Dec 2023 Daily Current Affairs

1. Which state government has recently appointed N Chandrasekaran as the head of the Economic Advisory Council?

a.   Rajasthan
b.   Maharashtra
c.   Haryana
d.   Uttar Pradesh

2. Who has recently taken over as the ‘Chairman-cum-Managing Director’ of MOIL?
a.    Pradeep Sen
b.   S K Rai
c.   Ajit Saxsena
d.   B K Taygi

3. Recently ADB has given a loan of how many million dollars to ‘Shriram Finance’?
a.   150
b.   200
c.   300
d. 100

4.Who has recently become the ‘first woman police commissioner’ of Uttar Pradesh?
a.   Lakshmi Singh
b.   Aruna Singh
c.   Pratibha Singh
d.   Geeta Singh

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5. Which state’s ‘Nijat Abhiyan’ has recently received the IACP 2022 award?
a.   Gujarat
b.   Chhattisgarh
c.   Haryana
d.   Maharashtra

6. Who has recently inaugurated ‘Mega Dairy’ in Mandya, Karnataka?
a.   Piyush Goyal
b.   Thawaerchand Gehlot
c.   Amit Shah
d.   B K Tyagi

7. Who has been appointed as the MD&CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange recently?
a.   Arshdeep Singh
b.   Rajiv Badyal
c.   Renuka Singh
d.   Sunderman Rammurthi

8. Where was India’s second longest cable-stayed eight-lane Zuari Bridge inaugurated recently?
a.  Goa
b.   Punjab
c.   Haryana
d.   Maharashtra

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9. Recently India and which country have signed defense and military cooperation agreement?
a.   Bangladesh
b.   Cyprus
c.   Pakistan
d.   Sri Lanka

10. Which has been the worst performing state in RTI accountability recently?
a.   Bihar
b.   Maharashtra
c.   Tamil Nadu
d.   Gujarat

11. Where will the new memorial of the British Indian Army be built recently?
a. England
b.   New Zealand
c.    Sri Lanka
d.   Scotland

12. Recently which state government has approved the draft of its Solar Policy 2022?
a.   Delhi
b.   Assam
c.   Odisha
d.  Haryana

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13. Which medal has been won by Magnus Carlsen in the World Rapid Chess Championship recently?
a.   Silver
b.   Gold
c.   Bronze
d.  None of the above

14. Which state government has recently launched a project for the conservation of Nilgiri Tahr?
a.   Karnataka
b.   West Bengal
c.   Tamil Nadu

d.   Haryana

15. Who has recently been nominated for the ICC T20 Cricketer of the Year award?
a.   Smriti Mandana
b.   Surya Kumar Yadav
c.   Both a and b
d.   None of the above

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