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7th Dec 2022 Daily Current Affairs 

7th Dec 2022 Daily Current Affairs

1. When is the Remembrance Day for all the victims of chemical warfare observed recently?
a.   29 November
b.   28 November
c.   30 November
d.   27 November

2. Recently the maternal mortality ratio in India has come down to how much per one lakh live births?
a.   83
b.   97
c.   78
d.   67

3. Who has recently been appointed as a member of the Union Public Service Commission?
a.   Preeti Sood
b.   Rachit Mishra
c.   Sanjay Aggarwal
d.   Arun Goyal

4. Which country’s Great Barrier Reef will be listed as a World Heritage Site recently?
a.   France
b.   New Zealand
c.   Bangladesh
d.   Australia

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5. Who has recently been declared as the Word of the Year for 2022 by Merriam Webster?
a.   Homer
b.   Permacrisis
c.   Gaslighting
d.   Vaccine

6. Which country’s film ‘Nargesi’ has recently won the ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal at IFFI?
a. Nepal
b. Iran
c. Bangladesh
d. New Zealand

7. Where has Agnikul Cosmos set up India’s first private launchpad recently?
a.   Srihari kota
b.   Chandipur
c.   Pokhran
d.   New Zealand

8. Who has been appointed as the new president of INTUC Karnataka recently?
a.   Girendra Singh
b.   Rajendra Tomar
c.   Suraj Bhan
d.   Lakshmi Venkatesh

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9. Where will the International Lusophone Festival be held recently?
a.   Jaipur
b.   New Delhi
c.   Goa
d.   Haryana

10. Which state cabinet has recently approved the Mental Health and Social Care Policy?
a.   Haryana
b.   Meghalaya
c.   Maharashtra
d.   Jaipur

11. Who has recently received the ‘Para Sports Person of the Year’ award?
a.   Avni Lekhra
b. Swaroop Singh
c.   Srishti Bakshi
d.   Preeti Sudan

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12. Recently SEBI has declared whom as the new MD & CEO of BSE?
a.   Uma Sharma
b.   Arun Goyal
c.   Sanjay Aggarwal
d.  Sunderman Rammurthy

13. Who will host the 23rd Hornbill Festival recently?
a.   Manipur
b.   Mizoram
c.   Nagaland
d.   New Delhi

14. Who has recently addressed the 7th edition of Global Technology Summit?
a.   Rajnath Singh
b.   S Jaishankar
c.   Piyush Goyal
d.   Sanjay Aggarwal

15. Recently India has provided financial assistance of US$ 100 million to which country?
a.   Maldives
b.   Nepal
c.  Sri Lanka
d.   Bangladesh

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