Education App developed by Kashmiri student figures in list of Indian innovation

Education App developed by Kashmiri student figures in list of Indian innovation

In a significant development, an education application developed by a class 10th student of Kashmir has figured in the list of 350 innovators across India in the ATL marathon.

The result of the ATL Marathon 2021-22 was declared on September 23.

The class 10th student of Green Valley Educational Institute, Anas Shah has developed an education application namely “Knowledge Realization” which has figured at serial 191 of the selection list.

The selection list was live on Youtube and other media channels connecting experts from different parts of the country.

Father of Anas, Shabir Ahmad Shah who is a senior manager of J&K Bank and an author of a book said that he provided full support to his son in exploring the innovative ideas despite being a working officer.

“Me and my son recently met the Director and Joint Director School Education in this regard,” he said.

Shah said Anas was working hard to fulfill his dreams and innovations as he aims to contribute towards upliftment of society through such projects.

Meanwhile, Anas Shah said that he developed the App “with the help of Almighty Allah and continuous support from his parents and school.”

“I feel proud to present such a project from GVEI,” said Mohammad Anas who is also Head Boy of GVEI.

“I am always concerned about the future of students and Ed-Tech technology will provide all facilities,” he said.

Anas extended his gratitude to ATL NITI AYOUG for considering his project “Knowledge Realization” in ATL Marathon 2021-22.

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