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No challan on DL, RC, PUC and Insurance: Now you can travel without DL, RC, PUC and Insurance, know your rights

No challan on DL, RC, PUC and Insurance: Now you can travel without DL, RC, PUC and Insurance, know your rights

Challan Rules: If you want your traffic challan not to be cut, you have to make sure that you follow all the traffic rules. But, many times it happens that people forget their important documents like driving license, RC of the vehicle, pollution certificate or insurance at home and go out on the road with a motor vehicle.

Actually, any policeman usually stops a vehicle when he sees a visual offense being committed. For example, suppose you are walking on a motorcycle and you are not wearing a helmet or you are walking in a car and you are not wearing a seat belt, then in such a situation when the traffic policeman sees you, he will stop you and ask you for driving license, RC Will ask to show documents like pollution certificate or insurance. But, because you have forgotten the document at home, he will cut you the challan.

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That’s why, while traveling without a driving license, RC, pollution certificate or insurance, try not to commit any visual offense so that no policeman stops you and if the police does not stop, then the challan will not be issued due to the absence of these documents. . At the same time, apart from this, you can already keep all these documents in the DigiLocker app. Then whenever you forget to bring their hard copy with you and the police stop them, then show them the soft copy kept in DigiLocker.

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But, if the policeman refuses to accept the documents even after seeing them in DigiLocker and wants to challan them, then you should tell them that ‘On December 17, 2018, the government issued a notification that if any document is shown in DigiLocker, it will be valid. ‘ As soon as you say this, the policeman will also understand that you are a knowledgeable person and he will not challan you.

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