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Student beaten by hostel mates for comments against Prophet Muhammad

Student beaten by hostel mates for comments against Prophet Muhammad
A college student in Hyderabad was thrashed by a group of hostellers for his ”objectionable’ remarks against Prophet Muhammad. A case has been filed by the police.

By Abdul Basheer: A college student in Hyderabad was beaten up by a group of his hostel mates on November 1 for alleged objectionable remarks against the Prophet Muhammad. The student, identified as Himank Bansal, is an undergraduate law student at the IFHE in Hyderabad.

According to the police, a complaint was filed on November 11 by the student, that said, “On November 1, I was physically and sexually harassed by 15-20 individuals on college campus premises in my allotted hostel room.”

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He was pushed and mishandled by other students who punched him in the face, slapped him, kicked him in the abdominal areas, touched his genitals and force-fed certain chemicals and powders, the complaint further added.

Bansal, in his complaint, said that a student even attempted to put his genitals into his mouth. “They further tried to tear my clothes, got me naked and kept beating me one after the other. They shouted ‘beat him till he dies’,” he stated in his complaint.

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Videos and photos of the attack were also reportedly widely shared among college students. In his complaint, the student further said that he had bruises all over his face and his eye sockets and nose were swollen.

As per the police, he was also threatened by the students.

Earlier, the victim had also written to the IFHE authorities demanding that a formal complaint of physical assault and threat to life be filed against the accused. As per his letter, he had made a remark against the Prophet during a conversation with a friend. The other students got to know about it after she made their chats public

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The police have registered a case under several sections of the Telangana Prohibition of Ragging Act

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