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Woman lets her pet rat clean her teeth and we can’t handle it

 Woman lets her pet rat clean her teeth and we can’t handle it

Colby the pet rat’s owner trusts the rodent to poke his head in her mouth and clean her teeth.

Look, pets are great – no one is disputing that

And being close with your pet is bloody lovely.

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But this, this is too damn close.

We mean, letting your pet rat poke its head into your mouth to pick food out of your teeth crosses a line that shouldn’t even have to be drawn.

Maybe we’re tainted by that whole black plague thing, but we just don’t trust rats.

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And it’s not that we didn’t love Ratatouille, but we’ve been taught to fear rats, who carry disease, nibble through phone wires and generally creep us out with their scampering little rat feet.

We just don’t want them around us.

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